Monday, September 3, 2012


We love to travel and see new places. There have been some really amazing trips we have been able to take together, and experience new things together.

Our trip to Costa Rica we totally LOVED!! We were able to spend time in the jungle, at the beach, in the rain forest, and at volcanoes. This zip line was truly amazing. We had 15 different cables, and one that was over 1500 feet long across a beautiful open valley.

This was the first time that Jenny had been to Disneyland. We went with Brett's side of the family, and truly enjoyed our time there.

A few years back Brett had to go to Orlando on business. Jenny figured she might as well tag-along. This day we were able to go to the Magic Kingdom, a first for both of us.

On the same trip to Florida we were very fortunate that the space shuttle had a launch scheduled while we were there. Jenny's dad works for a company who makes the boosters for the rocket and was able to get us tickets to go out to the site and see the launch. It was one of the most incredible things to see and feel (we were about a mile away by bird flight across water, and the ground still shook).

We were able to spend a week in Oregon at the beach with Brett's family. His younger sister lives in Oregon, and the rest of us made the trek up there. We went early morning digging at low tide for shells, rocks, and anything of interest :)

We were able to go to Mesa Verde, visit the cliff dwellings, and enjoy the scenery there on the way to a family reunion in Durango.