Friday, July 29, 2016


We started out our week with a float preview for the Days of 47 Parade. There were lots of fun floats that we both loved, but her favorite by far was the one with "hot air" balloons. 

We got this great new toy. They are really similar to Lincoln Logs, but have some fun and unique ways to build with. They were created by a guy in who lives here in Utah, and we have spent many evenings just playing with them. 

This likely doesn't seem like much to anyone else, but to me it was a big deal. Our pantry needed a major overhaul. Seriously. I should've taken before and after pictures, but didn't. It has been SO nice to have it organized, be able o see everything, and even have extra room. 

S and I are getting really good use out of our Museum passes this summer. We spent some quality time at the Dinosaur museum, and were both hot, sweaty, and tired by the time we left. I voted for Slurpees on the way home. S was totally happy to second that vote. 

S wanted to spend some time in the pool on Saturday. Pool time is always more fun with friends so we had our next door neighbors come to play for a bit. Boy, am I glad we did. It satisfied her, and they ended up having a great time on the teeter totter together. All the giggles that were produced from that were quite heavenly :)

Our weekly post wouldn't be complete without our weekly family picture. It took several tried to get a good one...but at least we're all looking at the camera and smiling!

Sunday, July 24, 2016


I have loved this week! Sometimes I think a lot about dates. I think about the date when I first met Brett, the time we first met S's birth mom, her birthday, placement day, finalization day, our sealing day. So many special days with our family. This week marked her finalization day as well as our sealing day, which we call our forever day with S...the day we became a forever family. So, here's fun week:

We had some of S's friends over for a water party on Saturday to celebrate her forever day. We had squirt guns with targets, a pool, a water tunnel we made last year, and a sprinkler. They all seemed to have lots of fun! 

This is about the best we got from our family Sunday picture. Somedays it doesn't happen before we go to church, but we get something :) We attended my niece, Aubrey's missionary farewell and spent a lot of time with family. We are SO excited for her to go serve and teach the people of Texas. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016


We spent the evening of the fourth with these guys...and a few other family members. We did a barbeque at Nana and Papa's house. It was fun to get together with everyone. I love how S has so many cousins that she loves to spend time matter the age :) Aubrey (he one holding S) leaves on a mission soon. She'll always hold a special place in my heart. If she hadn't been in my third grade class it's quite likely I never would have met Brett.

This kiddo wasn't feeling well. She told me we needed to snuggle on the couch. It had been a few days so I felt like we needed a doctors appointment for her. We ended up snuggling for a bit and going in for a doctors appointment later. She had a sinus infection. Meds helped her to feel better super quick! 

I won't say that Brett and I caught it from her, but we both got sinus infections as well. We were all on antibiotics for 10 days. Brett felt better immediately. It took me a few days...and loosing my voice in the process. 

We ended up meeting grandma at the church history museum with cousins at the end of the week. They all played and had a good time together. I loved watching S discover things on her own. 

"lifting a stone" at a quarry

playing with tanagrams on a light board

playing in a water fountain with her cousin

By Saturday we were all mostly feeling better. We ended up taking a good chunk of time taking care of our yard....mowing, weeding, berry picking. There's always lots to do when you're a home owner :)

mowing with dad

dead heading a rose bush

We needed a bit of a fun time after all the work. Dad took S and his new bike on a spin around the circle. I love the love she has for being active. Sometimes the 100 degree temps put a damper on things, but other than that we love the outdoors!

Occasionally we get a non-formal Sunday family picture. Today was one of those days. Happy Sunday from our family!

Monday, July 4, 2016


This week we picked up boys from a foster family that we did respit care for from Sunday night to Wednesday night. They were 5 and 7. I wasn't sure what to expect, but thought it would be best to keep things busy and have outside time since it has been pretty nice. 

Sunday evening they had a lot of energy they needed to burn off. We had dinner with my some of our family, and they were running all over creation. We got home right around bedtime. They needed a lot of reassuring from Brett that no one would break in, and he would protect them. Between them getting up to use the bathroom in the night S waking up in the night, we had a VERY long night. They woke up at 5 am. Brett told them they needed to go back to sleep for 2 hours. I went exercising, and Brett started getting ready for work. At 6:00 they couldn't find Brett so they knocked on S's door. Needless to say there was lots of grumpiness on Monday. 

Monday we spent a good chunk of the morning at the park, then went swimming with friends in the afternoon. It was a very busy day, but paid off with everyone going right to sleep that night! The little guy ended up falling asleep on the 10 minute ride home from the swimming pool.

Tuesday we went to the LDS Church History museum in Salt Lake. They have completely redone it with new displays and everything since we last went. They had a great kids area for the kids to play. Then also hit up one of the visitors centers there, saw lots of displays, and took time to see the Christus as well. We had a picnic outside while we were there. 

Wednesday started out with all sorts of fighting...mostly among siblings. I let everyone know that we were going to go swimming that afternoon, but it would only happen if there wasn't any more fighting. Given how the day started, I'm sure you can guess how things progressed. The morning was nice and overcast. We spent several hours at the park and had lunch with a friend. At one point in the afternoon I was asked when we were going swimming. I informed everyone that given behavior that wouldn't be happening. It was sad, but a good way to learn a lesson. 

Wednesday late in the afternoon S was acting really tired, she started fevering, and just wanted to be held. She hadn't drunk much that day, and looking back I think she may have had heat exhaustion. We forced lots of liquids that night and the next day. It helped so much and she was quickly back to normal. I was exhausted from the week. By the time I dropped off the boys, got S to bed, and sat down I didn't make it long. I fell asleep at 8:30 on the couch. 

I have to think that things would be quite different if they were our foster kids. They would have a normal routine at our house, things to do and play with, regular outings, etc. I did more with the boys here in three days than I typically do with S all week. I'm ready for a very low key week this week! 

Last, but not least for this week...our family photos. She was a bit crazy. I love the fun pictures that we get with her cute personality :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016


We spent this past week at Bear Lake for a family reunion. I love getting together with family. I love the fun memories that we make together. I love the late summer nights. I love the game nights and late night laughs together. We have a Taylor family one coming up soon, and next year a Carlson one...I'm so excited for them!

first s'more

sliding way down in her sleeping bag

paddle boarding together

cute cousins

view from our deck

first french braid

swimming time...which included her jumping in for the first time ever!

riding a bike cart thingy

All of us before we're a hot, sweaty mess

 helping dad make mom birthday cupcakes

likely the cheesiest smile we've gotten yet