Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Party

Brett's parents have had a really fun tradition for the past several years of doing a Halloween party with all the family that live close by. They have been themed in the past with things like Harry Potter, the past few we have done minute to win it games as teams. Brett's team won thanks to his amazing talents :)
"This Blows" blowing up a baloon and using the air to knock 8 cups off the table.
"Baby Rattle" shaking all the gumballs from one side of the bottle to the other.

"Play it by Ear" listening to the sound/feeling the weight of coins in 8 differnt cans and lining them up in order.
"Noodling Around" Putting 6 penne pasta noodles on a piece of spaghetti while balancing it in your mouth.
We all had a great time playing games with each other. Brett's mom always makes special treats to end the evening with as well. We are grateful for these fun times we get to have together.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Day Out

My sister Heather doesn't live too far away, but because of work schedules we don't get together super often. She called on Monday wanting to get together today, and since I had the day off it worked out well :) We went to Gigi's (super awesome food/cooking store) in SLC to get makings for Italian sodas as a thank you to the person who designed our pass along cards (should be here tomorrow).  Then to JoAnn's for material. They were we having a great sale and we needed some for a service project we were doing with girls for church. Heather, her daughter, and I grabbed lunch after. Her daughter is only 2, and did great at lunch. Pictures of fun material and lunch date below :)