About Us

It is all because of this fantastic girl, Aubrey, being in Jenny's third grade class that we met. Aubrey's mom, Noelle, was a fantastic parent and volunteered on a regular basis in Jenny's classroom. Through things Jenny did during school time and after hours she kept thinking she would be perfect for her brother-in-law. It took a few months, but Noelle finally got up the courage to set them up. Jenny accepted the invitation, and met Brett for a group date that same November evening. We went bowling, then returned to Noelle's home to play "Scene It" together. It was a late first date, but things just clicked. We talked the whole night, and instantly felt comfortable with each other.

Brett was really interested and did anything he could to see Jenny again. We went out the following week to dinner, then played games at Jenny's apartment. Jenny asked him out for the third date to Festival of Trees and to help her finish up a gift for her mom for Christmas. We saw each other at least weekly from there on out. It was a little hard since we lived over an hour away from each other and worked full time, but it was definitely worth it.

We continued dating, and at the end of January Brett purposed. We both knew it was right, and didn't see the point in having a long engagement. The date was set for April 6 and the preparations began.

We love each other so much, and are so grateful that we have someone in our family who took the chance to set us up.

We have now been married for 6 years. It has been a long road for us trying to have a child. We have seen numerous doctors and tried to find solutions, but know that we need children to come to us through the love of someone else and adoption. We are so grateful to those birth moms who sacrifice so much and have such courage to give their child something they could not give them themselves.

My cute third grader, Aubrey, who's mom helped bring us together!

The night we got engaged!

Our happy (very cold) wedding day in the snow :)