Sunday, January 31, 2016


I know there aren't a lot of days left that I am going to be able to see this little girl sleeping so. I honestly have really come to cherish those moments in the middle of the night that she wakes and wants me. To be able to go to her, snuggle her, and just calm her worries soothes my heart. 

Brett was leaving Tuesday to go out of town on business. Brett was having a hard time before he left for work that morning because he just doesn't love to be away from home. S woke after Brett had left and all this little one wanted when she woke was her dad. I thought it was a great excuse to make cookies and take them to dad at his office. S was totally on board :)

licking the paddle

visiting dad's office

We stopped off at a clothing outlet since we were in the neighborhood. When we got home I had S try them on. She immediately went for her crown, but couldn't find it and decided these glasses would work. I texted the picture to Brett and told him I thought she looked like a little grandma. It still makes me laugh to look at...such a cutie!

We had a busy week with lots of friend over, and needed a mom and S outing. We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. She loves this place. This picture is a huge deal for her! She is a very timid child and doesn't do things on her own that are outside of her comfort zone. She did this suspended bridge all on her own. I was really proud of her!

Somehow every room in this house that has been painted (minus the half bath) have all happened while Brett has been out of town. He was totally happy to paint the room when he got home, but I really wanted to make the most of our time together. So, I set out to painting while he was gone. It takes SO much more time when there are children in the house. Nap time and bedtime were all filled with painting. I literally ran out of paint with that much of the room left. I was SO bummed. I saran wrapped all of my painting tools and went to buy more paint so I could start again after she went to bed. I was able to finish things up by Thursday morning (big thanks to a friend who offered to watch her while I finished things off).

just a little left to go

We were out of a lot of fresh things so we made a quick trip out to Costco. She insisted on helping me push the cart. She was happy and entertained...really, what else matters?!

I was able to reserve tickets to the Provo City Center open house for our family and Brett's parents. Brett's dad has had some health issues and hasn't gotten out a lot. I knew his mom wouldn't be able to take him, but really felt that we should at least offer. I'm so glad they accepted! 

our car ride there with Nana

waiting in line with these great people

Papa showing S things out the window

We spent Saturday morning looking for a bunk bed for S. She just had a great time trying out all the small people furniture. We went to 5 different stores and she was happy the whole time! We ended up finding one we wanted, but didn't get it picked up because it wasn't at our last stop and S really needed a nap. We're hoping it will happen on Monday. 

It had been a really long week, and I really needed a date night. We (all 3 of us) had tickets to a  basketball game, but it didn't start until 8 (which I didn't realize). That was WAY too late for S to be up considering she didn't nap for 4 days. I had a VERY kind sister in law who offered to come, play with S until bedtime, then she could just work on her school work at our house. I totally took her up on the offer and was SO grateful to have a night out with Brett. I didn't get any pictures at the game, but did grab one of the beautiful snow covered trees on our way in. It had snowed a lot that day and it was so pretty!

And...for our weekly Sunday family picture. S had fun letting me take her picture before Brett came down. 

Oh, that face! She was a wiggly one...thus the blur for Brett...oops!

And our family...hooray for camera timers! We could use a selfie stick...but it's really the same idea. Glad she decided to be happy for our family picture. There may or may not have been some bribery involved!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


My cute nephew is turning 8 next month. I had offered to my sister to take photos of him for baptism announcements if she was interested several months back. She decided to take me up on it. We had a good time together at the Jordan River Temple. He is pretty excited...poor kiddo it was SO cold out there that day, but it was the only time because of work schedules that his mom could come with him. 

cute kiddo

with mom

S had to get in on the action :) 

 Later that morning we went shopping at the outlets with aunts, cousins, and grandma. We hit up the dollar theater after to see the Peanuts movie. It was fun to be able to spend time with grandma on her day off! S thinks she's really funny not looking at the camera lately.

We hit up story time. I have completely mixed feelings. S loves kids so much, but sometimes that love isn't returned. She kept scooting next to this little girl, and that little girl ended up pushing her away which really hurt S's feelings and ended in tears, so we left the story time area and went to look at books. Once she calmed down we rejoined them. 

She loves to be a helper, especially in the kitchen. She used a butter knife and helped me slice peppers up for dinner one evening. She is really good to stand there, stir pots, and just be involved how ever she can. It is something we have really begun enjoying. She's a bit more independent and it works well working together :)

stuffed bell pepper soup

Brett found a box from his early college days. They held these beauties! S was in heaven! She loves glasses, and the fact that she gets to wear dad's is pretty big stuff! 

These are likely one of the best gifts we purchased for Christmas. Mom for the win. If I can find a good deal on them again it is definitely something we will add to. She will sit and play for a good amount of time making new things with these fun magformers.

What is it with 3 year old never holding still?! I was working as hard as I could to clear out a room for her to move into. We had a friend staying with us a few years back, and were trying to put everything in a new spot so we could move her in here...but first we have to paint. She was SO cute. She worked so hard to make this tower for me. Needless to say I didn't get much done with her "help", but we did have fun together. 

When the builder built our house he painted the walls and ceilings tan. It's all fine and good until you want to change the wall color. So far we have painted ceilings in 5 rooms. They are the worst! If we never paint another ceiling again it will be too soon!

For breakfast Sunday morning Brett made pancakes...with fun toppings. S loves whipped cream. We figured what the heck?! Why not?! Sometimes breakfast can be like starting your day with dessert :)

Continuing with our attempt at weekly family pictures. S thought it would be a good idea to wave at the camera. We just had it on a timer. Thankfully we got some with her hand not in front of her face :) 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We started this week out with piano lessons. It was a rough go. Someone decided not to nap, and had huge fits because I wouldn't let her use scissors without me by her. It was a day that could have easily ended at noon. Ugh! Looking back though I had to be grateful that I captured this moment that day. She insisted that she play "Child of God" on the piano and that I open up the song book for her to do it.

We had her well child check this week as well. It went well. She is totally on track for everything. Sometimes its hard to get her to brush her teeth, but I told her that the doctor needed her to...and that was enough. Hopefully it'll continue to be :)

I went to visit teach a friend this week. Her daughter and S are less than 3 weeks apart. They have really gotten to be good friends. It was suddenly very quiet and the girls were in her friend's room. That should've been our first clue. Holy Moly. Massive amounts of coloring all over the walls. Plus, on themselves. She made herself look like a cat...I'm not sure how she pulled that off. She totally took it in stride, and the girls both helped to clean it all up. Thankfully we haven't had a redo.

A friend recently had a baby and I know how exhausting that is (at least the no sleep part)...especially during the winter when you can't take the baby out because of RSV. We have tried to have outings or have her over weekly so her mom could get a little break. These girls have so much fun together. The great thing about having friends over is that they rediscover toys they haven't played with in a while, plus there is a little play buddy.They were both in dress ups for about 3 hours. It was pretty cute!

We spent a good chunk of one morning just painting. She looked at me at one point and said, "I paint a pretty picture for daddy." She worked and worked. She added lots of different colors. We just put on some fun music and had a great time!

For Christmas Brett gave me a "certificate" to go dress shopping with him. We were all sick for a bit after Christmas, so it has taken me a bit of time to feel up to this outing. 

Anyway, I thought Friday would be a great night to do it so we headed to a local mall. After we found the dress I left Brett to pay and asked him if he was ok if I ran to another store in the mall to see if by some off chance Brad (S's birthdad's dad) was working. We were SO lucky! His wife also stopped by while we were there. We visited for at least 20 minutes, and he learned that S loves "Inside Out" so he got his for her. She was so excited the next morning when she came down stairs for breakfast. I had taken them out of the packaging and had them out on the table. She pure squeals of delight were fantastic!

I am hoping to get these weekly Sunday pictures...the one day that we are all ready at some point in the day for sure :) Some pictures I get of her are the normal happy kids shots, others are a weird smile...I guess that's just the stage that we're at!

Sunday, January 10, 2016


With having written 3 posts last week, I've been trying to think what this post should be including.

We have loved these magformers! They fill so much time with so much freedom in creating. Hopefully they stay that way for a long, long time!

I have loved the outfits that she has come  up with. Ever since we made her a dress up cabinet for Christmas she can see everything, and has come up with some pretty creative things! Don't you just love the crown and hat together?!

Then of course we have birthday photos...

ignore the piles on the's just our life

birthday breakfast table

excitement at all the waiting balloons at the bottom of the stairs

her current favorite color

birthday breakfast

ABC puzzle

dancing music

a game that's just about right for her :)

lunch out together

Museum of Natural Curiosity

Our Happy Birthday Girl!

Snow White cake

blowing out the candles

Grandma came to visit on Saturday for her birthday. S loved having grandma here! She brought a fun cupcake matching game. It was fun to see them interacting together!

Saturday we had tickets to  BYU basketball game. S is pretty lucky to have an aunt who didn't mind all her up, down, and around during the game...not to mention her stealing the seat next to her husband. 

I am hoping to do Sunday pictures for each Sunday this year. This is our first week it happened. Hooray for a camera timer :)