Sunday, May 24, 2015


I always feel like Mondays are hard because of piano lessons and I miss time with S (all this will end soon...recital next week, then done with lessons, period). It is really those days that she seems to need it more too. We rarely do TV/movies, but on this rainy afternoon it seemed perfect. She was in love with The Muppet Movie. She watched intently and loved all of the singing and dancing. She talked to Brett about the Muppets when he came home from work that night too.

We had to go to the Department of Criminal Justice to get finger prints done to have our homestudy update completed. Yes, we could've mailed it in and avoided going in, but that takes 6-8 weeks and I wasn't willing to wait that long. Thus, my black fingers and and print out that says, "No criminal record found." case there was any question.

At that point we were only about 15 minutes from Brett's work so we figured we might as well stop by with a treat. I think S drank as much of it (if not more) than he did. He was totally surprised to see us walk into his office. S loved it!

Occasionally you have those times that you just need an outing with a sister.  Let's be honest, you (at least I) could use them more often, but because of work and family they are a rarity. She came down for dinner with our family then we went to see Cinderella. Yes, I realize it's been out for ages and should be at the dollar theater or something by now, BUT we don't get to the movies very often. Neither of us and see it. Both of use loved it. What a better place the world would be if more people had souls like hers. Have Courage and be kind. What great, important lessons to teach your kids!

One morning this week was particularly rough. I couldn't tell you how many times in the first hour of the day I heard, "See daddy at work!" She cried as he left for work and it kept going. Thankfully we were able to diffuse and refocus with play-doh. I sent Brett a text and he was totally happy to meet us for lunch (really for us to pick him up at his office and go somewhere). Because of clients Brett had at work a few years ago we were introduced to Korean food, and there is a great place near his office. That was my first choice, and S was completely happy with everything. I was impressed with how much of it she tried. She really loved the tofu.

The park was requested one day shortly before dinner time. To me it wasn't worth the meltdown of not off we went (SO grateful that it's like a 2 minute walk from our house). She was all giggles with the kids that were there. Brett got home before we left the park so he just stopped on his way. S was thrilled to see him and play there with him.

I headed out on several errands one morning and got sidetracked at the library. They were starting story time as we walked in, so we stayed for it. They did books, songs, dancing, and coloring. I have come to realize that S has a big personality and is so happy around us, but around lots of other people she is quite shy. A good chunk of the time she just wanted to sit with me. She is such a sweet little soul.

We were in desperate need of fresh produce this a few other things. Grapes were a decent price so I grabbed which Scarlett immediately responded "Have some!" I kindly explained that we had to pay for them first. I then told her that she could have some snacks that I brought. There was no tantrum, but there was a produce worker close enough to hear the whole conversation. He asked if S would like a banana. She was VERY happy to have a banana, and it was reaffirmed to me while I love shopping at Macey's. They just do extra things that make shopping with kids easier. I have every intention of writing to the store manager and letting him know how nice of an experience his clerk (Steve) made shopping for us that day.

We made it down to the Payson Temple open house this week.  I hadn't realized that it was already over until there was next to no time left. It was such a great experience to take S. She could see the temple from quite a ways away. We kept hearing, "Dad big temple. See it!!" We went down Friday night and got in the standby line. We were told that after we got through seeing the movie the wait was an hour just to get inside the temple. It was already after 7, and knew that life would be a nightmare for all of us if we stayed. So we walked around the grounds for a few minutes before deciding to leave. We opted that coming back first thing in the morning would be a much better option...and it was! While walking around the grounds she would say "Temple, big! I see it!" "Temple Hooray!!" I have no idea where that last one came from. I don't recall using the word hooray with her often enough for it to be part of her vocabulary...but it is. She was also very taken with the water features they have there. I am SO glad we went! It was worth it to see her experience everything there. Most of our pictures there are from the night before, but we didn't feel that really mattered. We were there and it was so worth it!

trying to get in

enjoying the water

just us

the VERY short standby line the next morning

our short line waiting to get in the next morning....thank you photo bomber :)

"Touch it, dad! Touch it!"

We went to IKEA Saturday to try to figure out cabinets for our laundry room. It'll happen. They have lots of good options, but we just didn't have time to sit down and figure it all out then and there. We got a few things that were on our list, and also some that weren' this step for S. She loved helping Brett put it together. We are continually hearing "I do it!" She loves pushing it around the kitchen to get to whatever she thinks she needs. 

At the open house yesterday there was a tent for visitors afterward. We spent a few minutes looking around. There was a replica of the Christus statue that is in the visitors center in Salt Lake. S immediately noticed the nail prints in his feet and said, "Dad, Jesus owie." As we took the sacrament today I talked to her about Jesus (like I try to do each week) and how much he loves each of us. She immediately looked to Brett and me and said, "Jesus owie!" and pointed to her hands and feet. It's those little moments that you know she is learning what you are teaching her.

Monday, May 18, 2015


This week was a bit busy with different obligations in the evening for both of us. There were a couple days this week that Brett didn't see S because of him leaving before she woke, and coming home after she went to bed.

We have done really goo going on walks/jogs lately. This morning S insisted on walking too. She walked about the first quarter mile, but then wanted snacks and water...which in my book means its time to ride in the stroller.

Later she insisted on wearing her sunglasses like this. She smiled, looked at me, and said, "Nana do it." S's Nana wears glasses for reading. When she isn't using them she tucks them in the front of her shirt. Scarlett does a lot of things by mimicking what those around her does...this is just one of those times I was able to catch it on camera.

Sometimes when you are watching other kids its easier to just take them on outings outside of the house to avoid the close spaces, whining, and fighting. I had my brother and sister-in-law's twin five year old for 2 days. One of the days we went to two different parks. I think it paid off because they slept well that night :)

Brett and I both had a class to go to Thursday night. My brother Ben was kind enough to come help out. Originally I thought it would just be S, but then I remembered I would have the boys too... thankfully he was willing to take on all three. He put S to bed. I was home early enough to help put the boys to bed. 

The other day I took them to the movies to see Paddington. They were all so good. S doesn't like loud sounds, so there were a couple of time that she would grab my hand or plug her ears. She would also laugh so loud at things. She'd point at the screen and say, "Funny! Funny Momma!" She was a lot of fun to go to the show with. 

We went out to dinner as a family Friday night. We had Chinese food. Scarlett loved every bit of it. When we took off her bib we saw her sleeve saw soaked up to the elbow. She kept pulling it out and saying, "Look mom! Dirty! Wash it!"

Brett on occassion will give S "rides" in the kitchen on a blanket. She brought the blanket to him on Saturday and asked for a ride. Which then turned into her giving her dolls and animals rides too. The giggles that this produced were fantastic. We had a few wipeouts here and there...which just produced more giggles. Oh, how we love her!

"A treat. Have a treat." We had a (yes, just one) cupcake...which S sometimes will call a pancake (something about having cake in its name). She had chocolate everywhere. We took a picture of a somewhat cleaned off face. Such a cutie pie!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We have been taking walks/jogs most mornings. Some mornings she requests to see Nana and Papa (we pass their house on some routes we take) or stopping at the park. Since we had some great weather at the beginning of this week, we took full advantage of spending some time at the park. I love the happiness that swings bring to this kid!

We had cousins come play for a few hours one day this week. Having three little ones made me want to take them all outside for a bit. You can see the somewhat ominous clouds in one of the pictures. We actually started to get rained on on our way home, but the girls were all troopers. 

Often when we go to the park I hear the phrase, "Mom, by you!" I love these moments with this cutie! She's not going to want me by her side forever. I'm taking advantage while I can and enjoying these small everyday moments with her.

We had to run out on several errands one day. I'm not one to typically grab something sugary for her, but asked the teller at the bank for a sucker for her. She was so happy and content to just be my little buddy getting things done.

Lately (at least the past month) S has been requesting "silver one(s)" at meal times. This morning she discovered that she could see her reflection in the back of the spoon. She made lots of faces at herself and watched them in her spoon. I loved watching her discover new things!

Friday we took S's birthmom, Crystal, out to lunch for birthmom's day. Birthmom's day is officially Saturday....but as you'll soon see, our Saturday was WAY to busy for fitting one more thing in. S has a biological half sister that is 9 months who came along with us. We went to Kneader's and had a nice chat. Sadly, I neglected to take any pictures.

Saturday was a very busy day around here. I had a RS brunch that I had to be at to help with my church calling. We had to leave before it was really over to be able to make it to my cousin's sealing (recently adopted) in Bountiful. The family then met up at my sister's home for a mother's day lunch. While we were there my sister, Cami cut and colored my hair. It was perfect for me. I always tell her that my qualification is to be able to put it in a ponytail...which is still totally do-able...and its cool for summer. As soon as we got into the car to come home S started asking to go to the store. No store in-particular...she just wanted to go somewhere. Brett asked where I thought she would like to go. I suggested The Sweet Tooth Fairy (local cupcake shop). As soon as we walked in she ran up to the display windows, turned to us, and started repeating "Wow. Mom, see! Wow!" I made me happy to see how excited this experience made her. It was the perfect choice!

Mother's Day around here was super nice. We enjoyed family time together. Brett took care of cooking for the day. He took time with S after her nap to make a craft for me. She loved it as much as I did. She turned it into a boa and took off running. I love that we have her little hands that I get to keep just for me :) I've made these for her birth parents in the past, but never for us. I'm glad Brett did!

Sunday, May 3, 2015


We had a nice visit and dinner with Brett's parents last Sunday night. It was nice to have a small group and visit quietly. Nana has this cat on her kitchen wall that S loves. It's tail swings back and forth and eyes move left to right. She stood there with Nana and just giggled as it moved. 

Scarlett's aunt called on Saturday and wanted to know if we would be interested in this playhouse for S. I misheard and thought she said doll house. This thing is giant, but S sure loves to play it in. One day she ran away from Brett. He tried to follow her which she responded by saying, "No! S's house. 

Monday evening my brother and his fiance' invited us to go to the tulip festival with them at Thanksgiving Point. It was a great family night activity. We spend a good little chunk of time in "The Light of the World" exhibit. There are lots of statues of Christ that have scriptural stories to go along with them. S was touching the chicks, looking at Brett and I saying, "S soft."

We finished off our evening as we walked past the waterfalls toward the end of the gardens. I loved watching them experience them together. 

Brett was so kind. He had to stop at the store on the way home for sand paper. S got a little yellow ball from grandpa about a year and a half ago that she loved. It got left outside in our fenced yard, and is just gone. S keeps asking for it and looking for it. Brett didn't find a yellow one, but brought home two bigger ones instead.

My sister, Heather, and I had planned to go to the tulip festival before Ben asked me to go. So, we went again another day with the kids. We packed a picnic and ate lunch there as well. We got a few good pictures with the cousins...then of course the ones where the kids are running faster than you can snap a shot. Anyway, here we are :)

The Japanese lanterns were one of S's favorite parts. It was towards the end, and she loved looking up and talking about all the different colors that she saw. She called them balls to begin with, but kept trying to say lantern after I told her that's what they were (which was a bit hard to explain when moms repeatedly called them balls to their kids).

For the past several years my mom and I (with a few exceptions) have gone to Women's Conference at BYU. There are always such great messages there. We had some great laughs together and learned some fantastic things, but most of all it's the spirit that you are able to feel with the messages that you are able to take away with you. I'm so grateful for a kind friend who was willing to take S so I could go. It was such a blessing! 

Saturday was busy for us. We had to prep stuff for a bridal shower for my to-be sister-in-law, clean, go shopping, pick up plants, help with the shower, get our sprinklers going this season...the list could go on...but I won't :)

S's new gardening hat

playing in the sprinklers while dad adjuts them