Birth Parent Letter

Dear Friends,
We want to start off by letting you know how grateful we are to you for your selfless sacrifice and your willingness to consider placing your child. We can only imagine how hard it must be for you to make this decision and want you to know that we admire the faith and courage that it takes for you to do so. We pray that you will find comfort and peace through this journey!
Through our trial of infertility we have grown individually and as a couple and have been able to learn more about ourselves and each other than we likely could have otherwise. We have had wonderful spiritual experiences that have strengthened our faith and our relationship with each other. We have been blessed by our Heavenly Father through this trial. We can't wait to share our love with another child through adoption.
We have thought a lot about the openness of our adoption, and want you to know that we are open to whatever kind of a relationship you desire and are comfortable with. We are so grateful that our daughter's birth parents have chosen to stay in her life. They have become family to us. We understand if you want to have minimal interaction, or want to have different levels of openness at different times, but we are also open to having a lasting friendship and/or family relationship with you if you desire. No matter what we will truly love you with all our hearts and will make sure your son or daughter knows what an act of love it was for you to place him or her with us, and will be taught to honor you for your sacrifice.
Let us tell you a little bit about us so you can get to know us better. We met through Brett's sister-in-law, Noelle. Jenny was teaching third grade, and Noelle's daughter was in her class. Noelle volunteered weekly in Jenny's class and thought about setting us up for quite a while before she actually did. She hesitated because she didn't want anything to be awkward for her daughter if things didn't work out. Ultimately she decided it was worth it and we met in November 2005. We went on a group date with Noelle the first time, and things were great. We dated for 2 months, got engaged, and were married 2 1/2 months after the engagement. We truly are in love with each other.
We live in a neighborhood that is filled with children, laughter, and fun. We live in a circle and have well over 50 children in our circle. We also have a park in our circle, and the elementary school is only about half mile away. Brett is currently serving as Bishop in our ward (leader of our local congregation like a pastor) and Jenny is serving as a Youth Sunday School Teacher (teaching youth 14-18 about Christ and His gospel). We have both worked with children at various ages, and enjoy the time we get to spend with so many as part of Brett's calling.
Brett enjoys working with wood, camping, reading, doing puzzles, traveling, and going to basketball games with Jenny. Brett is very kind and loving. He is a great listener. Brett always makes sure that he understands what you are trying to communicate with him. All of his nieces and nephews love him and love to play with and learn from him. It always makes Jenny smile to hear one of the primary children approach Brett with a smile on their face and say, "Hi, Bishop." They love him! Everyday when he comes home from work our daughter is SO thrilled to see him that she starts talking immediately, dancing, and trying to make her way to him as fast as she can.
Jenny taught in public schools for 5 years, but recently spent 4 years teaching preschool in our home. After adopting our daughter she quit teaching to be promoted to a stay a home mom, which she loves! She is a very good teacher, and the kids love her. She has had parents tell her how sad their children were to have summer vacation. Jenny is compassionate and has a great desire to help others however she can. She loves to learn new things. This is evident in the many things that she enjoys doing: teaching, camping, exercising, spending time with Brett, traveling, photography, crocheting, knitting, cooking, and making home a happy place.
We feel that adoption is a very selfless sacrifice on your part. We know that it takes incredible love for you to do such a thing. We are eternally grateful to our daughter's birth parents and have such a strong love of adoption. We know that we will love your son or daughter with all our hearts. We very much look forward to getting to know you and, if you desire, to have an open adoption with you.
Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We are again grateful to you for your sacrifice. 
Brett and Jenny