Sunday, September 28, 2014

our week

I haven't been able to keep up with things lately...imagine that :) Between normal life and grandpa passing away I am once again back dating this post. Hopefully I will be able to be better in the coming weeks!

We spent one day going up to see my sister and her kids. I love that S was able to spend time with her cousins before they have their big move in the near future!

This kid really loves books! She asks for them to be read to her day and night. She takes a pile of them and sits down by herself to read. 

We have spent a lot of time outside picking berries. We have been so blessed by how many we have gotten and have spend lots of time picking...well, I love spent lots of time picking. S has spent lots of time eating :)

She likes to be silly while waiting for mom to finish picking berries. I love her happy disposition around the clock!

This is how I found her after her nap one day. It really made me smile! She can be so silly sometimes. 

First time painting toes. She saw my sister paint my toes and was really obsessed with them. As we painted toes she was so involved! She kept pointing to the next toe saying "again, again".

Sunday, September 21, 2014

post dated

Yes, I am backdating this post. I did't get around to writing up a post for last week, and honestly lacked the desire to make it up during the here we are.

S asked to ride on her bike one day this week. She doesn't ask to often so I jumped on it the first chance I got. She was pretty cute trying it out on her own.

We had a spur of the moment trip to The Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. I was dying to get out of the house. This was a great answer :) I love that they did finger painting while we were there.

Feeding the rabbits

She loves these great wheelbarrows!

Dress up to be on stage :)

The dancing hall

Finger Paint!

She was SO excited to show this to dad!

This past weekend we spent at a company retreat for Brett's company. I took some notes in my phone about S and the cute things that happened on our way. It's a good thing I did too, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to remember them...I'd forgotten some of them by the time I reread my list. We stayed at Zion Ponderosa Ranch. Brett's company paid for the majority of the trip. It was a great vacation as a family!

On our way to play mini golf

a horned toad

Our hike to an overview of Zion's

S enjoying being out of the baby hiking backpack

Thanks, Jess, for letting us borrow this!

She has really grown to love swings :)

A ride in these barrel cars...she hated it as they were leaving...

....but obviously had a great time by the time they were done.

Here are some fun things to remember about our ride down there:

  • she only slept for one hour and it took us about 6 to get there
  • she keeps herself entertained. She did not have any electronics and few toys to play with...she's a great traveler!
  • Before we even got to Beaver she started saying, "Out! Out!"
  • As soon as we got back in the car she started asking for food. We should've planned was 5 and she really should've eaten at that point. As it was we had to wait until we got to Panguitch.
  • Brett got out of the car in Panguitch to check to see if a resturaunt was open, and as soon as he closed the door S started saying, "Buckles! Buckles!"
  • We ended up eating at a fun local pizza joint. They had pasta too so I knew it would be a huge hit with S as well. She ate a TON!
  • As soon as we got back in the car after dinner S started pretend snoring. Brett and I both started to laugh which caused her to laugh and continue pretend snoring. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

lots of fun with a little one

Last Sunday night for dinner I was at a loss. I really didn't know what to make and there wasn't much that sounded good to me! We ended up doing waffles with homemade jam and fresh berries from the backyard. S was in heaven.

 I love that Scarlett eats raspberries like most people eat olives.

Monday I did a lot of canning...dilly beans and bread & butter pickles on Monday I think. I canned so much some of it I can't remember what I did when. I needed a break from life and called my sister to see if she wanted to get together. We went to dinner together then out for frozen custard. The kids were all in heaven. S was thrilled to spend time with her cousins. They love her, and do crazy things to make her smile and laugh.

Kind of crazy story to go with that night... When we got there it was a fundraiser night for a local elementary school. It took FOR- EV- ER to get our order...and it was only frozen custard. One young girl (probably 10) was carrying an ice cream cone licking it and her fingers looking for a table number. My sister and  joked about it and that it was likely our order and then what do you say when she tries to give it to you?!? Well, her second time circling around she found our number and tried to hand it to me :) Seriously!?! There was an adult who was volunteering who passed our table about the same time. I quite plainly explained to her that the girl had been licking the cone and her fingers and I would not be eating it. The girl looked at us, pointed at the cone, and said, "But it's melting!?!" The adult assured me that they would replace it. Oh. My. Word! My sister and I laughed and laughed about this later. We talked about funny movies we had seen that things like that had happened in. We stood in the parking lot and laughed more. It was exactly the kind of evening we both needed!

S spent a lot of time with me in the kitchen this week. She had lots of fun with the magnetic letters on the fridge. One thing that really cracked me up was her bringing a pillow to the kitchen. She laid it on the floor by the sink, and pretended to sleep.

We had a little outing to Target one afternoon. After S's artistic creation on her sheets she needed a new one. I gave her two choices at Target and this is the one she chose. 

She kind of forgot about it after we got home. She found it on Thursday and brought it to me saying "please". She helped me take it out of the packaging. I put it on her mattress and she immediately tried climbing in, then looked at me and said, "Night, night." As soon as she got in her bed she started crawling around pointing to animals and making animal noises. I immediately thought I may have made a big mistake buying this sheet. Would she actually take a nap or go to sleep at bed time again? Thankfully she has, but every time we go in to get her up she has to show us the animals and tell us about them. Her favorite is a bee which she continually calls a fly.

In total last week I ended up canning pickles, beans, raspberry chipotle sauce, tomato sauce, peaches, and peach jam. It was very busy, but also very fulfilling.

To end the week we attended our ward campout. We had a few things to do to prepare for it. We had to borrow a tent because ours died this summer. We tried to order it through amazon but there ended up being a problem with billing and it couldn't get here in time. We also picked up a sleeping bag for the kiddo. She was pretty excited to help with it. 

S had the best time exploring outside with both of us. She picked any flower (aka weed) that she could find. If she could have picked up every rock she would have. She loved showing them to everyone too, and was so excited when she did it.

What kid doesn't love playing with sticks?! 

The campfire that that was too hot for her to want to be close to.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Wrong Time to Delete

We bought a swimming pool for S. Last Monday we set it up and played for a while. There were several firsts that day. You wouldn't believe the squeals of delight and happiness that she had while playing in the pool. Sadly because of me not double checking I lost all of those photos with all of us playing together the first day. I'm seriously heart broken by it. I had such great photos of her. She was fantastic! I do have some from the next day with my phone, but they're not nearly as good.

We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity with some friends on Tuesday. S and her friend had a great time. This was actually the BEST time we have had there. There were not tons of people, and she could easily play with things that typically the older kids wouldn't give her a chance to. It was pretty great.

Slides :) This was the first time she willingly went down the slide sitting up.

 Dressing up and dancing on stage.

The water table.

What kid wouldn't want one of these at home?!

Pool with mom

She LOVES her sunglasses!

We went up to Brigham City for Peach Day's. Scarlett loved playing with grandpa. He went to the park with us and played with the doll house with her. This is a totally retro 90s doll house that belonged to my sister. There is a mom, dad, sister, and baby. Eveyone but the baby could stand on  small disks and talk to you. S would actually talk to it telling baby "night, night."

Most of us waiting for the Jr. Peach Day's parade to start. My brothers got there a little bit later. S's playing with her sunglasses.

This is how S spent a chunk of the parade. She HATES loud noises. Naturally when the parade started with firetrucks and ambulances she went for dad.

She wanted to go on the Merry Go Round, but half way through insisted on Brett holding her. She wasn't a huge fan of going in circles while going up and down.

She discovered this week that she can suction round objects to her mouth by breathing in. This was while we waited for dinner. She thought it was pretty great.

When dad went in to check on her early Sunday morning his pens accidentally slipped out of his shirt and into her crib. She had some fun with them. When I got her up she looked at me, pointed at the pen she colored on the sheet, and kept saying, "Oh no!" I'm counting my blessing that she kept it to the sheet. Nothing on the crib or walls. Hopefully hairspray does the trick.