Sunday, July 24, 2016


I have loved this week! Sometimes I think a lot about dates. I think about the date when I first met Brett, the time we first met S's birth mom, her birthday, placement day, finalization day, our sealing day. So many special days with our family. This week marked her finalization day as well as our sealing day, which we call our forever day with S...the day we became a forever family. So, here's fun week:

We had some of S's friends over for a water party on Saturday to celebrate her forever day. We had squirt guns with targets, a pool, a water tunnel we made last year, and a sprinkler. They all seemed to have lots of fun! 

This is about the best we got from our family Sunday picture. Somedays it doesn't happen before we go to church, but we get something :) We attended my niece, Aubrey's missionary farewell and spent a lot of time with family. We are SO excited for her to go serve and teach the people of Texas.