Sunday, February 28, 2016


We got this beautiful afghan from my sister this week. It was our Christmas gift from her, and she worked on it for nearly a year. We love it. It has already gotten lots of love! 

A toddler in overalls and pigtails is one of the cutest things! Lately she has asked for, "Two big tails." It is SO much easier to get her hair up in ponytails that it used to be, and we don't have to use any bobby pins or barrettes. She has worn them most days this week :)

Our local movie theater does a $5 ticket all day long on Tuesday. We went to see Kung Fu Panda 3. S had some good laughs...not our favorite, but truly a fun time out together. I love that we have time to enjoy these little moments together!

We had quite a full day Wednesday. My dad's birthday was on Thursday and we weren't going to be able to catch him because of a crazy schedule. We ended up leaving home around 9 to go get treats and go see grandpa. Great grandma was on the way, and I haven't seen her since before Christmas so we decided to pick up a treat for her too and drop in. She had about 45 minutes for us before she went visting teaching. Then we went to see my dad. He works in a secure office so we had to visit outside. We gave him the fun treats that we had picked out at the store. Grandma sent me a text about joining her for lunch, and I thought "why not?" So we did. We stopped to try to find swimsuits on the way home, but it was a bust. I counted my blessings that she still took a nap even though it was a bit later.

We are loving this beautiful weather. 

Friday started off with an unexpected emergency trip to the pediatrician's office. S had been sitting on a stool eating breakfast. She stood up and told me that she was all done. I saw that she had milk left in her cereal bowl. I asked if she wanted it, and she said "Yes!" She bent over to pick it up and somehow the milk went flying and she landed on the floor. I picked her up and moved her to the kitchen sink to clean her up and assess the situation when I saw blood on her hand. I start examining her face and see that her chin is cut open pretty good. I throw shoes and socks in the diaper bag, put on my own, stop by a friend for a second opinion, and head in to our pediatrician's office. It was deep enough that she needed stitches. She was a brave little girl and didn't cry at all.

I promised her a special treat for being so brave. She wanted ice cream. We were lucky that my parents were in the area, so we went out with them and my sister's family. Those sunglasses were fixed to her most of the weekend :)

She had an aunt and uncle stop by with some special treats for her to help her feel better. She loves having people come over. I'm not sure what she was more happy about...seeing them or the things they brought her.

And...we have our weekly family photo. It will be fun to see these at the end of the year. I sure love this little girl's personality!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


We have gotten into the habit of getting together when we can on holidays that my siblings living close by have off of work. A few of us went to the movies together. To S is was more of an excuse to just be with her cousins...or as she calls them, her friends.

Some mornings when S gets up we just hang out in her room for a while. She really likes playing games. This morning I think we went through 3 before we got on with other things.

We finally had the inversion break! I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to spend some quality time outside. We went and saw lots of animals at the farm. We weren't the only ones with that idea. Everyone was pretty excited to breathe clean air again!


We had a friend over to play one day while her mom took her twins for a 6 months appointment. We had dress ups, toys, shows...they are pretty fun together. I love how much they love playing together. Most times they do really well and play so well together. I love I caught this little cute moment with them!

Saturday was a super crazy day around here. Our stake Relief Society did a women's conference from 9-1 with a lunch. We had to leave at 2 for our day date. Brett gave me sushi making lessons as a Christmas gift. We have had a kind of crazy schedule, but finally made it there. We both had a really great time and learned how to make 3 different types of sushi. I had super kind friend who had S for several hours. Our girls are so close to the same age and they play so well together! Then we had tickets to the BYU basketball game that night. S had been taking pretty good naps everyday this week. Because of the crazy schedule, and her refusal to sleep, there was no nap. At half time she asked to go home. Not long after half time we left. The game was such a blow out! If I remember correctly, the other team was only at 11 points at the half time. 

Miracle of miracles S took a nap before 1:00 church. It was such a blessing! Brett went early for choir, and I stayed home to let S sleep as long as possible. Since we weren't all up and ready together I had to at least snap a picture of her. Church went a bit more smoothly. We took a quick selfie together when we got back. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016


This hasn't happened in ages, but I am actually starting this post on the date I listed. I'm sure it won't get finished tonight, mainly because it's been a long week and I'm tired. Hopefully tomorrow though :)

It has been a long go trying to get her room put all together. She has a few big pieces that we were debating where to put in her room. It required us unloading and reloading a bookshelf, along with a dresser and a few other things. Thankfully we are finally about there :) She loved all the books and wannted to look through the majority of them before they went back up on the shelf...which meant a much longer process, but lots of fun reading!

A few we read together: I Wanna Iguana, The Red Ripe Strawberry 
and the Big Hungry Bear, and Silverlicious

We woke up to a horrible inversion several mornings. The first one we just snuggled down and watched Horton Hears a Who her request. Of course we had to take a selfie of our snuggle time!

She has been such a big helper with dinners lately. If ever I am chopping or stirring she thinks that is automatically her job, gets out a butter knife, moves her step over, and jumps right in. I love making these memories with her!

The nasty inversion that has gone on way too long!

We went to the Children's Museum with some friends this week. This rope bridge is at least 30 feet in the air. Unless people know her, they have no idea what a big deal this is for her. She is a very timid child, and has never done something like this without insisting to hold my hand. Her friends were going and she just followed right along. Huge win for going with friends!

On Friday she woke up and I told her that Valentine's Day was almost here. Her response to me was, "Can I please make cupcakes for my friends?!" Of course we had to. I love how she would talk about each friend as she would decorate one for each of them. 

Of course we have our weekly family picture. I'd say it's much better than what we were able to get out of the little one last week :)

Saturday, February 13, 2016


I can't believe that I never got to blogging last week. It was a crazy week. As it is, I am starting this post while Brett calms S for bed. We did the whole nightly routine together, but they always have about 20 minutes with just them to talk at bed time.

So, with little recollection going back that nearly two weeks at this point, it looks like it will be a week in pictures with little commentary :)

We started off the week with a cold, February day. When lunch time rolled around I asked S what she wanted for lunch instead of giving her choices between a few things. She requested "drop soup" (aka egg drop soup). I found a pretty quick and easy recipe online. It was a huge it.

We went that  night and picked up a new bed for S that we had decided on the previous Saturday. She really loved helping to put it together.

This was before it was all even totally done, but she had to try it out. New bed, new room, new blankets. She is loving it. She keeps thanking us for painting her room green. I'm just glad she loves it so much!

We have been trying to have healthy habits around here. I started about a month ago making green smoothies (which the thought of has always grossed me out), but thought it might help. I always put greek yogurt in them so there is a good protein. They have been a great thing for S. She loves them! She calls them her "special drink" and now expects one in the morning. She is usually ravenous when she wakes up, even if I have breakfast ready downstairs. Apparently waiting to walk down the stairs is just too much! So, instant gratification in bed has been a good answer.

Often as she drinks she insists on sitting a reading books. I want her to love reading, and am totally happy to oblige. 

We needed some mom and S time (we had had lots of friends over the previous week), and thought just getting out ourselves was needed! I love our pass to the museums. She chose the dinosaur museum, and we had a good time while we were there! That dinosaur she is sitting on is something I have usually had to coax her to do in the past (usually unsuccessfully), but she willingly jumped on herself this time.

Snow. Lots of snow. I lost track of how many times, but we shoveled a lot this week! I'm not going to complain about it. I feel like it comes with the territory of living here. I'd just rather look at it than play in it (or shovel it)!

If you ask S she would say we went to the "Go Cougars! game". She usually does pretty well, but this night she was kind of restless. It's been fun to go with my brother and sister-in-law.

And here you have our weekly Sunday picture. You can tell how well Sunday morning was going. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. 

S's form of entertainment while most grown ups were watching the big game at Nana and Papa's house last week. We go more for the company and fun food together than the game :)